‘Disenchantment’ Season 1 Review: Lightning In A Bottle

Netflix Series Disenchantment Season 1: Princess Bean in throne room with Luci and Elfo

“I’m sick of being happy all the time! Just once, I wish I could go somewhere where people are miserable”— Elfo. Welcome to Disenchantment where the princess, along with her personal demon and elf sidekick, should be named enemies of the state. Famed creator Matt Goring uses his unique style of storytelling to weave a journey full of fantasy, mayhem, and hijinks.

When the un-jolliest elf in Elfwood, Elfo, gets caught schmoozing the leader’s daughter he’s strung up in the nearest gumdrop tree. He escapes and makes his way to The Kingdom of Dreamland where he interrupts the wedding of Princess Tiabeanie “Bean.”

Using his distraction to her advantage, Bean flees the scene with Elfo and her personal demon, Luci, in tow. The escape is short-lived, but Bean finds her father, King Zog, is more interested in Elfo’s blood than her wedding vows.

As the king’s permanent “guest”, Elfo soon discovers Dreamland’s princess is a self-destructive party animal. With the influence of little demon Luci, Elfo and Bean spiral down into a rabbit hole of mayhem.

Disenchantment characters Bean, Elfo, and Luci walking away from explosion

This trio of misfits plays well off each other’s strengths and weaknesses. Bean hates being a princess and is just looking for a good time. Elfo is the naive one who spends most of his time being friend zoned by Bean. Luci is the evil influence that keeps slowly nudging the group into a larger life of sin.

The first episodes start slow, but as viewers are introduced to the universe it spreads its wings and starts to come into its own. Each episode is self-contained with an overarching story spanning the entire season.

Disenchantment is a great series full of classic humor only Matt Goring can provide. The new cast is amazing and recognizable voice actors are used from his other series. You’ll be hooked on the adventures of Bean and her crew

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