‘Spectral’ Review: Non-Stop Action And Suspense

War is hell, especially when the enemy is invisible and can wipe out an entire squad in just a few seconds. Desperate for answers, the military sends a weapons genius flanked by elite soldiers to unravel the mystery. Spectral brings nonstop action and suspense through the war-torn streets of an Eastern European city.

DARPA weapons engineer, Mark Clyne (James Badge Dale), is summoned to a theater of war in Eastern Europe to explain what has been killing soldiers in the city. The hyperspectral googles he designed and outfitted on every soldier has been picking up something that can’t be seen with the naked eye.

Soldiers who’ve encountered this enemy are killed instantaneously. The military believes local forces operating in the area have designed an advanced cloaking technology.

Clyne is embedded with a group of Delta Force operators and they enter the city to locate a missing squad. What they find will have them running for their lives as this new enemy proves to be unstoppable.

Spectral Movie: DARPA Engineer Mark Clyne

Spectral pulls you in at the very beginning and doesn’t give too much away too soon. The story unfolds a piece at a time and remarkably the ending wraps up nicely with no loose ends.

Trapped behind enemy lines, Dr. Clyne proves to his comrades, just how invaluable his expertise really is. He’s able to MacGyver into existence an assortment of weapons to give them a fighting chance against their invisible foe. The soldiers accompanying Clyne are mostly used as cannon fodder and by the ending credits, its highly unlikely anyone will remember their names.

The action is intense and shows just how powerful these invisible entities really are. Moving at a breakneck speed they slam into and flash freeze anyone for a one hit kill.

Even armored vehicles fall victim to their wrath, demonstrated by a scene with a kamikaze-style attack on a tank. With dirt and dust particles flying through the air, it leaves the hulking machine looking like a piece of chewed up bubble gum.

SPECTRAL: Soldiers

Moments of suspense will keep viewers on edge of their seats wondering who is going to make it out alive. Watching the Delta Team make their way through a rubbled apartment complex littered with dead bodies only to find themselves ambushed and scurrying for their lives, is just one of many harrowing encounters. The final battle is a massive free-for-all full of explosions and absolute chaos.

The city is a massive graveyard with partially collapsed buildings scattered across its hellish landscape. Burned out war machines and cars are abandoned in the streets while fires rage in the distance. It’s a ghost town and the few civilians that are left spend the majority of their time cowering in makeshift shelters.

Spectral has some very intense suspenseful moments and fast-paced action. Dr. Clyne steals the show as a mechanical genius able to cook up new weapons on the fly. The story will hold your attention and the ending battle is an awesome spectacle. A definite must watch for any action junkie.

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