‘TAU’ Movie Review

Locked in a futuristic house with a mad genius and forced to perform experiments can be nerve-wracking. That’s what happens to professional thief Julia when evil genius Alexander Upton breaks into her apartment and drags her off to his basement dungeon.

After Julia manages to destroy Upton’s basement in a daring escape, she comes face-to-face with TAU, the house’s artificial intelligence. Upton decides to keep her prisoner on the first floor so TAU can always keep a watchful eye on her. Unbeknownst to Upton, the more time Julia spends with TAU the more the A.I. starts to believe he is a person.

In time, TAU also confides in Julia that she is not the only one who is being abused. With Julia’s knowledge of the outside world, will she be able to convince TAU to help her escape, or will the A.I. continue to help Alexander Upton?

TAU‘s story has an average B-movie feel. The only main characters are Julia (Maika Monroe), Alexander Upton (Ed Skrein), and TAU (Gary Oldman) besides of few minor characters that have very short screen time. These three give great performances with the best being Gary Oldman’s portrayal of TAU as he morphs from a terrifying killing machine into a curious intelligence with childlike innocence.

While I found the story to be average, the house was more interesting. It has this cold unwelcoming look that resembles more of a hospital waiting room. Everything is sparkling clean made so by the hundreds of small drones controlled by TAU. Another feature is a futuristic murderous sentry bot named Ares, TAU uses to patrol the house.

TAU is nothing special, it’s a run of the mill sci-fi movie. The house was an interesting setting and I wished more could have been done with it. I enjoyed the performance given by Monroe, Skrein, and Oldman, but the script held this movie back. It’s a good way to waste the afternoon but you’ll soon forget the experience entirely.

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