‘The Dragon Prince’ Season 1: Humans Love Their Dark Magic

The Dragon Prince: Rayla, Callum, and Ezran

An elf assassin, two princes, and a stolen dragon egg are all that stands in the way of total war between humans and elves. The Dragon Prince is a family-friendly animated series that starts slow but ends on a high note.

Long ago humans were banished from the land of Xadia by the elves and dragons because of their use of dark magic. Seeking revenge, the humans kill the dragon king who guards the border of Xadia and destroys the egg of his heir, The Dragon Prince. Angered by this crime, the elves dispatch a squad of Moonshadow Assassins to kill the human king along with the two princes Callum and Ezran.

Inside human territory, one of the assassins, Rayla, makes a decision that comes back to haunt her comrades so she is kicked from the group. Rayla decides to redeem herself and storms the human castle alone. She finds the two princes’ hiding in a secret room along with the dragon egg thought to have been destroyed.

The three, along with one glow toad, make a pact to return the egg to the dragons in hopes of stopping a war between their races. On their way out of the castle, Rayla unsuccessfully tries to stop the elves from attacking and the human king is killed. His right-hand man, in a bid to seize power, sends agents to hunt down and kill the heirs to the throne.

The Dragon Price characters Rayla and Prince Callum

Over the nine-episode run, the first four featured a story going nowhere. These episodes take place inside the castle and could have been shrunk down into one or two episodes. The last three is where the story picks up the pace and ends with our heroes just as far from their goal as when they started.

Combat styles are varied with each type of character being different. A great example is a mute female knight who uses a great shield as her main weapon. The armored dressed knights have a heavyweight sound to them. Whether they are fighting or walking you can hear the ching and clang of their metal suits. On the opposite end, Rayla moves at incredible speed flying through the air while using her dual blades.

The Dragon Prince starts slow and could have been compressed into fewer episodes. The animations and various combat styles keep things interesting until the end. A good series for the entire family.

The Dragon Prince Season 1
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