‘The Titan’ Review: Dawn Of A New Species

Netflix Movie The Titan: Rick Janssen (Sam Worthing) and Abagail Janssen (Taylor Schilling)

Planet Earth is doomed, and genetically altered humans will live out their days on one of Saturn’s moons. The Titan is an underwhelming sci-fi movie plagued by a horrible main character full of one-liners. The visual effects and location are pleasant on the eye, but the story suffers in the end.

In 2048, overpopulation, conflicts, and depleting resources have destroyed the planet. Humanity is on the brink of extinction unless a new home can be found. The Titan Program seeks to solve this problem by genetically altering humans to live in the harsh environment of Saturn’s largest moon, Titan.

The best candidates are sent to a remote base to take part in the program. One being military pilot Rick Janssen (Sam Worthing), accompanied by his wife Dr. Abagail Janssen (Taylor Schilling). The scientist in charge of the program, professor Martin Collingwood (Tom Wilkinson), will stop at nothing to see his experiment succeed no matter what the cost.

When Janssen’s wife, Abagail, starts questioning the disturbing changes in her husband, she is stonewalled by Professor Collingwood. Operating alone, she’ll have to dig for the truth to see what his plans really are.

Rick Janssen inside lab being monitored by Professor Collingwood (Tom Wilkinson)

Rick Janssen is an abysmal character with absolutely no depth to him. He offers no insight or emotion into the effects the experiments are having on his body. When other lab participants start to question what is being done to them, Janssen doesn’t hesitate to dish out one of his nuggets of wisdom, “it’s mind over matter.” This is the status quo with Sam Worthing’s character, and it doesn’t get any better.

That leaves Janssen’s wife Abagail to carry the entire movie. Her increasing panic caused by her husband’s predicament shows the toll it’s taking on her. She also expresses raw, almost violent, emotion when confronting the staff and Collingwood about the treatment of Rick.

Tom Wilkinson does a commendable job as Professor Collingwood. Showing no remorse, he casually sentences people to death in a demented attempt to create his new species. The only problem with Collingwood is he’s extremely underutilized. He’s like your deadbeat boss who only shows up for work a couple of hours and is MIA for the rest of the day.

The location is the best part of the entire movie. It’s beautiful, featuring houses with gigantic windows sitting atop the mountains of Gran Canaria. It offers some breathtaking views. All the visual effects were very realistic, with the death scenes being violent and traumatic. The final form of Rick Janssen’s metamorphosis was an interesting new being.

The Titan is a very average sci-fi movie that could have been great. The story starts off strong but soon falters. The lead character is just there offering nothing to the audience while others must carry the film. The visual effects are nicely done, and the scenic vistas are a wonder to behold.

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