Travelers Season 1 Review

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If you’re a hardcore fan of science-fiction, then you’ve more than likely heard this story before. In the future humanity is fighting for its very survival. To stop their impending doom, travelers are sent back in time to fix the mistakes of the past. I was expecting another mediocre sci-fi-lite show but within the first few minutes of episode one, my opinion drastically changed. Travelers is a show featuring a great story and a likable cast of characters.

The creator of Travelers, Brad Wright, is no stranger to science-fiction. He is the co-creator of Stargate-SG-1, Stargate Atlantis, Stargate Universe, and served as the co-executive producer of The Outer Limits. With his many years of experience, Mr. Wright has managed to take a well-used time-traveler theme and make it fresh again.

Huddled in their snow-covered domes, the people of the future construct a computer they call “The Director” to help them change the past. The Director sends the consciousness of volunteers into the bodies of people who are about to die in our time. Using social media and other sources, The Director can get the exact moment of someone’s death and have them overridden so a traveler can take possession of their body.

Working in teams of five we meet our cast who have an onscreen chemistry that will click with audiences. From marital problems, mental disability, drug addiction, an abusive boyfriend, and teenage drama, the team finds life can be difficult in the 21st Century. With the Director sending them missions, the team will have to schedule their life around a few suicide missions.

Everything about this show just seems to work. The story will keep you engaged. It’s rare to be so emotionally invested, but after a few episodes, you will form a bond with the entire traveler team. This is one of the best shows Netflix has produced to date.

Travelers Season 1
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